EDIT: I made my original post at 12:59pm and now at 2:08pm I have reached my goal and donated $100 to Help The Cheerleader.

Thank you to everyone who bought a commission from me and helped to show some basic humanity to a victimized girl and her family.

You can still straight up make a donation directly to Help the Cheerleader on your own.
Original Post

The short version: Silsbee High School in Texas kicked a cheerleader off the squad when she refused to cheer for her rapist and is now forcing her family to pay the school $45,000.

After you’ve learned more about the case, channel your anger and help that family pay their legal fees.

You can straight up make a donation directly or, if you would like some original art from me, you can purchase one of my available five custom portraits for $20 and I will donate all funds (after PayPal’s fees and the cost of shipping) to Help the Cheerleader.

I rarely take on commissions and never for such a low price, but I want to raise $100 ($20 x 5 commission spots) for Help The Cheerleader by the end of the day, so here is my exception.