Some friends and entertainment around the interweb that Parker and Erika enjoy.

Periscope Studiomates

Periscope Studio
The office out of which we all work. This is where the magic happens. And the following comics were created by our studiomates.

Family Man
Dylan Meconis’ epic 18th century theologian thriller. There may or may not be werewolves.

Meen Comics
Trixie Biltmore’s autobio comic about how she is good at being terrible.

Gingerbread Girl
By Colleen Coover and Paul Tobin. Annah Billips who either has an imaginary sister she created during her parents’ divorce… or a real twin created by her mad scientist father.

Between Gears
By Natalie Nourigat. A lovely autobio comic about her senior year at college.

Written by Bucko’s own Jeff Parker and drawn by Steve Lieber, Park Ranger Wesley Fischer tries to save Stillwater Cave– and then has to save herself.

Roy’s Boys
By Ron Chan. Boys being boys. Idiots being idiots. Buddies being buddies.

Comics Not by Studiomates
So Far Apart (Sometimes NSFW)
An atmospheric joint diary comic between a long-distance couple in Sweden, living a shared life separately.

Templar, AZ (Sometimes NSFW)
Spike’s alternate history epic about a young adult who runs away to a city that is as much a character as all the other bizarre people he now finds in his life.

Diesel Sweeties
Robots, people, puns.

Hark, A Vagrant
History comics to delight and dazzle! C’mon, it’s not like this is the first time you’re seeing Kate Beaton’s stuff.

Awesome Hospital
Death Rays. Mind Control. Teenage Werewolves. When you’ve got a problem so rad that conventional science can’t help, you need to consult the specialists of Awesome Hospital.

Abominable Charles Christopher
Beautiful animals and a yeti or two.

Axe Cop
He’s a cop. With an axe. He’s Axe Cop. A story straight out of the mind of a six year old boy and his 20something year old brother.

Questionable Content
It is ostensibly about romance, indie rock, little robots, and the problems people have.

The story of a boy, his duck, and the grandfather that raises them both.

Life Ain’t No Pony Farm
A fantastical pseudo-autobio comic about a wonderful German cartoonist living with an… elephant, a mushroom and a pony? You heard it here first: Sarah Burrini is the shit.


Girls with Slingshots (Sometimes NSFW)
Danielle Corsetto’s gorgeous slice-of-life/sitcom story is superbly illustrated and manages to be both laugh-out-loud funny as well as endearing and touching.

Stop Paying Attention
Lucy Knisley’s touching, gorgeous and funny journal comics about being a young woman in Chicago, making art.

My Cardboard Life
Phillipa Rice’s comic not only delights with its adorable puns but is visually unique from all other strips online with its assemblage of household materials used to bring each character and setting to life.

Octopus Pie (Sometimes NSFW)
This is thrice-weekly slice-of-life comic by Meredith Gran about young 20somethings trying to find their place in the world while simultaneously winding up on bizarre adventures.

Curvy (NSFW. Always. Forever.)
Lighthearted inter-planetary adventures between our world and planets of candy. Gorgeously stylistic artwork, sharp writing and, oh yeah, tons and tons of sex. Everywhere. All the time. Forever.

The granddaddy of webcomics, over a decade later this is still the place to go if you like fart jokes and sitcom antics.

Rooster Tails
A New Zealand boy documents his transition into manhood.

Not all super-heroines use their powers for good.

Hijinks Ensue
A geek pop culture webcomic that makes fun of the latest news in tv, movies, Sci-Fi, technology and the Internet.

Cute, stylish autobio from a Portland lady.

Lonliest Astronaut
Stylish astronauts who are lonely.

It portrays the lives of a group of anthropomorphic stuffed toys, robots, and pets.

You must see to appreciate the majesty.

Aboriginal Science Fiction. IT’S NOT FURRIES.

Eleven FreakAngels are living in a post-flood London that they might possibly have had something to do with.

The galaxy is run on Eeb-built technology, which is a great and glorious thing– if you aren’t an Eeb. Legally labeled as “less than sentient,” they have no hope for liberation except for by the hands and face-tentacles of Interplanet Amity, a galactic watchdog group who are about to make their biggest mistake yet–asking for help from the human race.

The Meek
You will be hardpressed to find a more mouth-wateringly beautiful comic out there. War is looming and a green haired girl from the woods is a key player in averting it. Despite my inferior description, this comic will blow your mind.