Hey friends! Just in time for the winter holidays, the Sexy Times poster is back in stock! I’ve printed up 50 more copies. See Full Size, to better appreciate all of its perverse glory. Or, you can just go ahead and buy this sweet sucker for your wall!

Blurb Time:

Over the course of four days, depraved cartoonists Lucy Knisley (French Milk) and Erika Moen (DAR!) drew a porn-landscape on a giant piece of watercolor paper, even bigger than the 36″ × 24″ print that was then created from it.

The goal was to depict every sexual act they could imagine (minus pooping and vomiting, though no disrespect is intended. They just didn’t wanna draw that). They started at opposite corners and would draw until ready to switch places. When it came time to ink, they fill up an entire section, regardless of whose pencil lines they were going over. Their styles meshed naturally and the result is a seamless sea of happy people gettin’ it on.

Are you convinced, yet? Does that not sound totally awesome to you?

Then get out your wallets, perverts!