I will totally have the complete 21-page first chapter of Bucko for sale at this weekend’s Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Mo’ Info.

Also, totes NSFW, but I was super honored to be today’s guest artist over at Curvy to help celebrate the creator’s tenth year being a webcartoonist! Curvy is a truly delightful, sexy comic that I enjoy the hell out of and Sylvan is a Grade A swell guy. If you like really sweet porn comics, then I would wager a bet you will enjoy his work. If you do not like that kinda smut… w-why are you even here? Are you lost? It’s okay, sweetie, we all take a wrong turn on the internet sometimes. No more tears, honey, no more tears.

EDIT: Leia Weathington is officially our Most Favorite Reader for sending us this:
Bucko by Leia Weathington
Don’t you even think about making fun of Leia’s backwards spelling, it’s been a life long struggle for her, poor dear. In addition to being a delightful lady full of class and charm, she also writes a wildly entertaining blog that I personally guarantee you will love.