EDIT on 4/22:
Oh dang, thanks so much to everyone who tuned in yesterday to release the uncensored art from Thunderbolts! You guys succeeded in surpassing our goal and Parker did, indeed, post the original art in all its glory. It was up for a full three hours before Parker received a very polite email from Marvel requesting that it be taken down. WOOPS. Awkward.

But we don’t want to leave you all empty handed, so I’ve taken up the task of presenting what I imagined was going on behind those word balloons. I will post that here as soon as I finish. BAM!

Thanks again, folks!
Original Post:
Parker is having a Bucko-related contest over on his Twitter.

On Wednesday 20th April 2011, @jeffparker said:

THE DEAL: Like all true artists, Kev Walker of Thunderbolts has no earthly ‘restraints’ and in the latest issue Marvel chose sagely to let balloons hide the contact between Satana and Moonstone on page six.

IF you would like to see that image sans dialogue, all I ask is that you help get the word out this Thursday on the webcomic BUCKO by me and @erikamoen. Spread the http://www.buckocomic.com link far and wide with vigor, and if (and when!) we pass our record number of site visits, I will twitpic that obscured file.
Thanks! JP

Got that? If you wanna see censored artwork from Thunderbolts (One of the other comics Parker is writing for Marvel), tweet Bucko’s link today so we can try and beat our last all time record of hits!

4thletter has a scan of the censored page in question: