If you’ve followed Parker’s career at all, you’ll know this man has worked with a TON of talented artists, one of whom happens to be our fellow studiomate Steve Lieber— who ALSO happens to be having a birthday today, right now, oh my god.

In honor of this joyous day, Steve is offering a 20% discount on signed + sketched in copies of Underground when you enter LIEBERBIRTHDAY11 at checkout!

Underground is the spelunking thriller that he and Parker did together last year and in addition to being one of my most favorite graphic novels EVER, it also got quite a bit of attention earlier this year when Steve won over the hearts and wallets of 4chan by being a hella swell guy after they pirated his book.

So if you like Steve’s art (of course you do) and you like Parker’s writing (why else would you be here?) and you’d like to see a story from him with a bit fewer hipsters and more cave thrilling, well friends, you should buy this book.