Mo’ info on ghost bikes.

Haha, I have been waiting for this punchline for months. You can see Parker set it up way back on page ten.

Also! Our fellow studiomate, Jonathan Case, is taking pre-orders for Dear Creature, his graphic novel coming out from TOR! Lemme just copy-paste Steve Lieber’s plug, since he did a better job than I can:

Jonathan Case’s DEAR CREATURE is a dazzling debut graphic novel, coming in October from Tor books. The limited edition pre-order’s a sweet deal, and I can’t recommend it enough. The first 300 copies ship in Oct. with Jonathan’s signature and a unique piece of original art used in the making of the book. You might get a character design, a page layout, or a doodle of one of the characters tucked into your copy.

Give yourself a Dear Creature treat, because hey, you deserve it.