If you are a Portlander and you care about our libraries, I really urge you to come out to a public meeting today to tell our commissioners that we do not want funding for the library to be slashed and 80-100 librarians to be laid off next year.

You can learn more about the specifics over here: Help Portland’s Libraries.

December 22nd, 9:15am
Arrive at the County Building at SE Grand and Hawthorne at 9:15am, sign up for 3 minutes of public testimony by filling out a yellow public comment form, and tell the Commissioners you support your library. The more people we have there, the better.

Alright, the public meeting may be over (it was SUPER well attended, lots of very passionate speeches from citizens who want to keep the library funded), but you can still help if you are a Portland resident!

Contact Chair Cogen, Commissioner Kafoury and Commissioner Smith and tell them you support the library staying fully funded and to let the people vote on making a library district.

  • Chair Cogen: (503) 988-3308
  • Comm. Kafoury: (503) 988-5220
  • Comm. Smith: (503) 988-5219
  • Chair Cogen: [email protected]
  • Comm. Kafoury: [email protected]
  • Comm. Smith: [email protected]