P-p-p-page five, in the bank.
You all knew it was coming, so now we can really get this story ramped up!

Parker and I have been super lucky to have a handful of interviews and reviews written up about us and this comic in the last week. Among them, Bucko was featured on Cult of the New, Robot 6, Blogtown from the Portland Mercury aaaaand to top it all off, an in-depth interview on Comic Book Resources. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write about this little project! Feeding our egos is the fuel that keeps this comic updating.

Remember last week how I suggested the Let’s Not Be Anemones // Let’s Cuddlefish postcard set as a Valentine gift to share with your sweetie? Well, if that did not quite convey your true intentions to your love interest, maybe you could try taking the direct approach with the illustration Lucy Knisley and I drew that we like to call… The Sexy Times Poster. The gainfully employed beware, this is hella NSFW.

We’ll see y’all on Friday.