Haha, perhaps you have noticed these pages keep going up a day before I told you all they would. That is because I do not actually know how to work the internet tubes and had the site’s internal clock set to some time in Europe. Yeah, I’m good like that. Thank god Parker’s the other (better) half of this team and has, I’m led to believe, rectified the time zone cock up, so everybody tell Parker he’s rad like a hillbilly on a badass boat.

Also, you may have noticed it is February now and if you are coupled up you are probably already fretting about being forced to get a gift for your sweetie and I am here to tell you, friend, I have solved that problem for you. Really. It’s right here.

Write sweet nothings to your partner on the back of this double-sided postcard featuring adorable sea creatures and puns. You can thank me later, brah.